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Cord for Life® is Lifeforce Cryobanks’ Cord Blood Storage Program. Our purpose is to provide the expectant mothers with the information necessary to discover the lifesaving potential of umbilical cord blood.

When you select Cord for Life® as your cord blood bank solution, you can be assured that our single mission is to help patients receive lifesaving transplants, whether you select private cord blood banking for your child’s possible future medical needs or donate your cord blood for unrelated patients; you have selected a trusted leader within the industry. Currently cord blood cells are routinely used to treat over 75 diseases. Click here to see a list of Current Indications For A Cord Blood Transplant.

In addition, cord blood stem cells are being researched for use in regenerative medicine and other illnesses. The regenerative medicine studies focus on using the body’s own stem cells to cure failing, impaired or injured tissues. This revolutionary approach to medicine has the potential to develop therapies for previously untreatable conditions such as cerebral palsy, brain damage and spinal cord injuries. Current disease studies include Type-1 diabetes, heart disease and many others. Click here for more details on Stem Cell Studies.

What is Cord Blood Banking:

Cord Blood Banking is the collection, processing and storage of the stem cells found in your new born babies umbilical cord blood.

This cord blood has been used to treat many diseases successfully and by storing your babies cord blood, you have chosen a potentially lifesaving treatment for your child or family member.

Save a Life - Save the Cord

The message rings loud and clear: pregnant women have the power to save lives. Instead of discarding umbilical cords after birth, women giving birth at participating hospitals can donate their cords and the life-saving blood inside. The messenger is world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and 2008 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Dr. Benjamin Carson of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Working with the Maryland Catholic Conference, Dr. Carson volunteered to record three radio spots and two TV public service announcements (PSAs) which have been released for the Save the Cord and Cord for Life Foundations.






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Save The Cord